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Ooh! another interesting topic about Goldberry. She is almost as much of an enigma as Tom. I always imagined her more earthy (maybe earthly) than a Maia, as she looks more...(I don't have the quote but I think it was something about her being mroe human than the elves, and if so, that probably rules out the possibility of Maia, since they are more celestial and high, and such).

She could be part of the music, which might be why she sings a lot. She sort of uses the music (rather than creating it, like Ainur), and because water is the one place where the Music still lives, this might be easier for her, or maybe it is what made her.

Also, I have a question. Do you think that Goldberry could be Ulmo's last contact with ME? She definitely is connected with water, which Ulmo just happens to control. Is it just coinciedence? Maybe she knows much more than she says.

PS. I can tell you like this subject Legate, especially the bits about Ulmo, which I'm sure doesn't have anything to do with your title (The Voice that Gainsayeth?)... Hmm?
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