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Eodwine was smiling inside the whole time, but kept his face straight. He hoped that he could hold back a twinkle in the eye just a bit longer as Stigend visibly wrestled with his own curt reply. When Stigend had finished with a difficult apology, Eodwine finally broke into a smile and cuffed Stigend on the shoulder.

"You need not ask fear having given offense, my friend. I have not spoken much of it, but now that the old house is in ruins, it came into my mind that I would rather build a hall of stone, since we have the Scar so nearby. The trees are scarce here and I like them, tall and graceful as they are lining the edge of this land. I've seen the Scar up close and I am sure there are big rocks of great number in those rough half-hills that we could move and fashion as we wish. And once we have done that, we can see to hauling wood from trees that may be felled from the swamps, to make walls and other such woodwork inside. What think you?"


She bit down on the smile that had formed on her lips even as she walked away from Eodwine, back to the baker. She felt like twirling around like a little girl! He had told her what he sought in a wife, and why tell her unless he meant that she might become that one day? She had not felt so happy and light and full of hope since before the brigands!

She busied herself with the various tasks Frodides and Kara set her to, and did notice that they seemed to look at her a little differently, especially Ginna, as if they saw something in her that they usually did not see. She did know that the typically straight face, or even frown, that she normally wore, had been replaced by a smile that she seemed unable to remove from her face. She felt like singing! But she kept herself quiet and did her chores, most happily.
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