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Originally Posted by shaggydog View Post
I tried to do a little research on marshes, bogs and fens. Can't say I know too much more than I did before I started. So I hope it's OK to have that reference to bogginess and getting stuck therein in my post? If not I can always take it out. Also, if it has qualities of a bog, the newcomers could cut peat as a fuel source, as there don't appear to be many trees around. Don't know if that was part of the culture of Rohan or not.
If not part of the culture, it looks as if it soon must become! Man! I didn't realize those marshes had such deep pits in them! Yike! Don't change a thing. It just means that clearing, diking, and all that will be a more major project than originally anticipated. Eodwine will thank the King even more for his "luck", tongue firmly in cheek, of course.

I could post, but I want to allow others to do so again. Actually, I need Foley to post before I do so that Saeryn can say something back to Rowenna.

Or, Foley, is a PM-built post needed here?
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