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"Can I help you with those?" someone had asked. To her surprise, Modtryth had seen Javan. She had felt a bit bad about speaking badly of the lad who now seemed to do his best to help the people of the Hall. She had been about to refuse and maybe give the lad a nicer duty, when her thought had been interrupted by Lèođern's cry.

"Modtryth! Modtryth! Saeryn is back!"
"Lady Saeryn? Here now?"
"Yes, Eodwine wants you to help her!"

She had thought of asking the girl if the Lady was alright, but had decided that it would have only worried the girl. Nothing was terribly unwell, clearly, as the girl seemed so cheery. Modtryth had turned back to Javan.

"Yes, you actually can help me, lad. Take these buckets to kitchen. They're quite heavy, it might be better to take just one at a time and come back for the other later."

She had smiled, but the lad's expression had been serious, if not even defiant. He had picked both the buckets, nodded politely and turned to make his way to the kitchen.

She had not said anything, merely shaken her head. She had then turned to Lèođern and smiled. "Go after him," she had told the girl in a low voice, "and help him if he needs help." The girl had nodded gravely and sprung after the boy. Modtryth knew the small girl would be of no assistance to Javan and he would be too proud to accept the help in any case, but at least there was one thing less to worry about when she knew where Lèođern was.

Modtryth had hurried away to see Lady Saeryn. Only then had she remembered that the lads were still with the weird woodman, but she hoped they were sensible enough not to make an enemy of him, and knew there would be other people of the Hall around so the wildman could not harm them.

Then she had caught a glimpse of Saeryn and forgotten about the boys. She seemed so tired, so weak. People had gathered around her, merely gawking at her. Didn't they see that what she needed was definitely not a crowd standing idly and staring at her, not helping her or anything?

"Enough of you gawkers!" Modtryth cried. "Go find breakfast and leave the Lady Saeryn in peace!"

Modtryth then joined Rowenna, who was already there, holding onto Saeryn's other arm. Modtryth wondered how the woman always managed to be where things happened. Then she turned to the young noblewoman she had always respected, and saw the exhausted and lost expression on her face.

"Come, dear, we shall find you a place to sit," she said softly but firmly. Saeryn nodded and smiled faintly, but didn't say a word.

"Thank you, Modtryth," Lord Eodwine said. "I will clear the closest table. Bring her there."

He drove the gawkers away and Modtryth and Rowenna helped Saeryn walk. Lord Eodwine sat down and the serving women helped the young lady to sit opposite to him. Modtryth sat beside her, to support her if needed - both physically and mentally. Everything was not alright.

Soon Ginna came with food and drink for Saeryn. A silence fell.

After a while, Lord Eodwine spoke. "Does your brother hunt you again?"

Modtryth saw the pained expression on Saeryn's face. She bit her tongue lightly. She admired Lord Eowdine's honest manner and she herself was sometimes so straightforward that she could be called brusque, but still the Lord's question didn't seem appropriate. It felt unfair to pose such a question to a young woman in Saeryn's current state.

She rebuked herself for such a thought. Lord Eodwine just did what he had to do, like he always did.
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