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Saeryn back? Now here was some news. And in such a state? There must be a story. As Léof had run to fetch her some water he had been trying to piece together the pieces of her story that he knew that might account for her present state. Something about her brother, he knew, had earlier driven her to the Mead Hall, but he could remember few details – and the situation concerning her later departure seemed even more secretive.

No sooner had he offered her a drink of water than Modtryth came up crying, “Enough of you gawkers! Go find breakfast and leave the Lady Saeryn in peace!" Now, he had hardly been gawking. Not at first. But now as he stood there rather uselessly without further instructions, well, maybe he had been gawking. Sort of.

He didn’t argue the point, though; Modtryth was probably right. One of those motherly sensibilities. Breakfast did sound like a good idea, besides; and then he had work to do. He wanted to at least walk the perimeter of the horse pasture and discover what repairs needed to be made, whether with new wood or if the old would suffice. If new horses kept arriving at this rate, between Erbrand’s last night and now Saeryn’s too, his temporary set up would not hold up for long. And perhaps at breakfast he might find some willing hands to help.

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