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Originally Posted by Thinlómien View Post
Hmmm... I daresay that list with a dozen eo's looks a bit bad. Surely they all can't be named Eo-something?
In modern English, the "cognate" prefix is "Al": Alfred, Albert, Allen, Alden, Aldo, Aldous, Alger, Alston, Alvin. So we could avoid using such names, considering that most men aren't named any of these at all, anymore. The alternate common thread in Eorling life was Theoden and Theodred. But there was also Erkenbrand, Hama, and so forth. So it appears that the "eo" was reserved for the higher classes. Hmmm! So Eodwine is perhaps named above his original station! Hmmm!

Firefoot: as per "peculiar look", I suppose you're thinking of Eodwine's wish not to cut down the trees on the Scarburg property. If I am correct in that, then the peculiar look wouldn't occur, because the wood Stigend is going to fetch will come from OFF the Scarburg property, and if wood is needed for the animal pens, then it's just simply needed, and Eodwine is enough of a realist to understand that. If I misunderstand what you're doing, please let me know.

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