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"I believe you will," Eodwine replied with a serious smile. "Let us go to Saeryn now. She will be glad to see you." He turned to Stigend and Thornden. "I think now that I will be going to Edoras tomorrow instead of today. So let us set aside the work for one day and take joy in what has been accomplished. Go tell the others to prepare games, singing, and dance for the rest of the day."

"Aye, lord!" the two said, and made their way to family and friends. Crabannan had stood a little back from the others, listening, and strolled after the two leaders. Eodwine turned to Degas.

"Tell me of your adventures while we walk, Degas."

As Degas related what had happened during the last months, Eodwine paid heed to his tale, but also thought on Degas' first words once he had known that Saeryn was safe: 'She loves you... trusts you... There is no other man she would look to for safety the way she trusts in you to care for her, to respect her and love her.' Eodwine had been reserved with her, and she with him for the last month. There had remained a barrier that both seemed silently to agree upon. And now with these words, Degas threatened to demolish the barrier at a stroke. But was Degas right? Eodwine was not sure. That Saeryn trusted him for protection, he had no doubt. That she respected him as lord of this folk and place, he accepted. Even to care for her needs was befitting of his role. But love? He had not allowed himself to think on it at all. Now it was thrust upon him by her brother. He was not at all sure that she loved him, and he was less sure that he loved her. There was a subtle change in her and he did not understand it; or, was the change in him? Had he become hardened to her? Was this the barrier? Had she perceived it and dared not test it? He allowed a sigh.

"Do I bore you, Eodwine?"

"Oh, no. The weight of lordship and all that."

"Even on a day of celebration?"

"Yes," Eodwine grinned ruefully, "even on such a day as this."

They had come to the area of the tents and asked for Saeryn. She had been seen going to the smith. They made their way to the smithy; the door was open and Saeryn could be seen standing in the doorway, speaking to Harreld, who was hidden beyond the doorframe. With a glance she noticed them coming toward the smithy before she recognized who it was. Then she looked a second time, her eyes widening.
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