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It had been quick work cutting out the design for the last bit of the saddle and now his hands were busy sewing the last flap across the the underside of it the saddle. A smile slowly began to appear on his face as his work neared completion. He was very much amazed at the speed of his work, although it had been a small amount of work it was tedious and it pleased him that he coped with it so well.

Erbrand glanced up from his work, the unusual smile still holding, a breeze was in the air and there were just enough clouds in the sky to allow sufficient sunlight and shade for the day. He looked forward to the festivities that would take place later. However, the tranquility was short lived. The silence was broken by what sounded to him to be a snap, like someone grasping a dried stick in their hand and braking it over their knee. Erbrand's head popped up from his work at the unexpected noise, and looked around for what might have caused it. Around twenty paces behind him stood Eodwine with a person he had never seen before. The man's cheek was red and Saeryn, who was facing the stranger, looked as if she was crying. Erbrand's care free smile quickly faded from his face, and a look of concern took it's place, but man's voice was soon raised and Erbrand guessed from what he was saying that he was Saeryn's brother Degas. He had heard about him from Frodides and the kitchen ladies.

"Can't we have one day of peace without people getting in a tizzy." he muttered to himself as he put the final stitch work on the saddle.

It was then that he heard the stern words of Eodwine: "Go at once!" The argument had settled down between the two siblings, but it irritated Erbrand to see such a public display of emotions and feelings that he was subjected to listen to. With a growling sigh he lifted up the saddle upon his shoulders and walked towards the stables. They were not fully built yet, but Stigend had done an admirable job with making some makeshift pens to keep the horses in.

The saddle was complete and he turned it over and examined it from many angles. Yes, it was of good quality and would last a long time. He took pride in the fact that he was and expert in his field, but it was a humble pride that he would keep only to himself. This first saddle would be a gift for Léof, the boy who watched after the horses. The boy had taken great care of the Meadhall's horses and Erbrand admired the unselfish hard working boy. Traveller had never been in better hands and almost obeyed Léof more than Erbrand.

Léof was grooming the horses as Erbrand approached. The boy paid no attention to him as he came closer, softly humming to the horse he was grooming.

"Good morning," said Erbrand, raising his hand in a friendly wave as he came closer and placed the saddle on one of the stalls. "I've brought you something, Léof, I just finished it this morning."

Léof put down his brush and picked up the saddle. "Where should I put it?" he asked in indifference.

Erbrand lowered his head and chuckled, "The saddle is yours," he said, "I thought it was high time that you have a proper saddle after the incident with the fire," he bit his lip and lowered his head as the boy eyed the saddle over, "Do you like it?"

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