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Dan quickly returned the contents of his pouch. He had been careless. No-one should see that yet. The time would come for that, but it wasn't now.

He took a drink from his water pouch, savouring it in his mouth. It was one of those times in life when he realised just how nice water was. Dredain only normally drank water, but on his travels he had tried many strange, foreign drinks. But nothing could compare with good old simple water.

Dan was still in deep thought when he saw Erbrand confronting that strange Northern man, Crabannan. He always seemed such a troublemaker. He was about to go up to them and say something, but a dwarf beat him to it. Something clicked in his head. A dwarf? He thought. In these parts? He'd have to talk to him some time. He liked Dwarves. He admired their courage and stamina. He was jealous of their incredible hardiness. He had not met many dwarves in his time but he had heard that many years ago, Drughu and Dwarves had had a good relationship and were often seen among one another. Maybe it was their similar height. Normal men's similar outlook. Or the fact they both enjoyed carving rocks and other materials. Here was someone who he could truly relate with.

He looked up and saw Erbrand approaching him happily. It took a moment for him to come back to reality. He had been thinking about the mysterious man again. If he did not come in two days, Dan would tell Eodwine. But he had said that two himself two weeks ago, but couldn't bring himself to do it. But now he was resolute. He would tell Eodwine.

Erbrand was walking in his direction.
"Good morning, Dan," Erbrand said as came up to him. "Are you alright, Dan," Erbrand questioned "Is there anything I could do to help?"
"Yes, I'm fine," replied Dan "Don't worry about me." He wasn't fine, but he couldn't tell Erbrand that. Erbrand trusted him, and he didn't want to ruin that bond between them. "And what about you?"
Erbrand answered that he was alright, but something in his eyes told him otherwise. His expression had darkened a bit.

They didn't really talk that much, as Erbrand had to go to skin the animals he had caught. Dan thought that all his traps were just cheating. Real hunters actually went after their prey, and didn't just wait for them to get trtapped in such a cruel devices. They didn't even stand a chance. And morever, the Dredain had a policy to kill their prey as painlessly as possible, and didn't wait for them to starve or bleed to death.
But though he didn't agree with his methods, he liked Erbrand. He was a good friend, and loyal. Sometimes the would go out hunting, and they would teach each other some of the other's skill. But just as Dan would never master horseriding (but that might be partly due to his size), Erbrand would never be as good as Dan at tracking. But they each learnt much from each other.
Anyway, they were going hunting that day, so Dan was in a good mood. He would have to talk to him later, ask him what the matter was.


Later that day, Dan was in the kitchen tent, when he heard Lithor speaking.
Near the end of the speech, Erbrand brushed past him. He called, but he could not be heard over the cheering of the croud. And he was too short to be seen above some members of the camp.

At first, he had perked up at the idea of a competition like this one, but now he had been left alone. He wanted to discuss it with someone, Nevertheless, he immediately signed up for some of the events that most suited him, ones that he was good at because of his unusual (compared to the others') lifestyle.

He went to look for Erbrand.

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