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Kara had lost herself in the excitement of the planning for the games. The ongoing confusion surrounding Saeryn, Degas and Eodwine was forgotten entirely as she eagerly listened to the list of activities and decided which she could and would take part in. The sack fight, she thought, I would have no chance of winning but it would be fun to take part. The rest of the games mentioned seemed a little too skill-based for her and she was just about to settle for just joining in with the one event when she heard a voice mention a rope-tie race.

"What's that?" She asked quickly, catching the speaker before he could disappear.

"The rope-tie?" He answered. "Well it's popular enough, you might know it as a three-legged race. With the two runners tied together?"

"Of course!" Kara laughed in delight. She could certainly do that, all that was necessary was finding someone willing to be tied to her. She cast her eyes around in search of a friend, but the kitchen was so busy that she found it necesary to move right out of the crowd before she could spot anyone.

The first person she saw was Nain, who had hung back when she had darted forward to find out what was happening. Her first impulse was to run to him and ask him to join her but as her brain caught up with her she realised that he would feel both embarrassed and obligated and she did not want to force him into doing anything he would not enjoy. The next person to catch her eye was Frodides, but she quickly discounted her as a possible running mate as the old cook was not one for excessive exercise, nor for 'putting herself out to look the fool' as she said on many an occasion.

"Ginna!" She called out, finally catching sight of someone who might actually be willing to join her. The girl turned round, surprised to hear her name above the tumult. "Ginna," Kara repeated once she had reached her side, "have you any interest in the games? Would you like to run a race with me?"

"I ... I don't know." Ginna replied, seeming a little taken aback. "Which race did you want to run?"

"The three-legged race." Kara replied eagerly. "It isn't one where you have to be particularly fast, it's a bit of fun rather than a serious competition."

She watched as Ginna thought it over, unaware of the somewhat complex nature of those thoughts. Ginna was not sure that she was quite ready to partake in a bit of fun with the people of this camp. Though she had spent a lot of time among them now she still did not feel entirely secure of her place among them, especially now with the possibility of her father's arrival in the not too distant future. The decision was further hampered by the simple fact that she was not a good runner, and despite Kara's assertions that the race required little in the way of real talent Ginna suspected that her stockier friend would still have more of an aptitude for it. Despite this, however, the happy and hopeful look on Kara's face ended up making the decision for her.

"Of course I will." She said, and couldn't help but smile at the pleased look she received in return. "You will have to remind me of any rules though, it has been a long time since I have been involved in such a race."

Kara was about to reply that of course she would do exactly that when she heard her own name being called above the noise and turned to find Erbrand behind her. She greeted him warmly despite her surprise but felt her heart sink as he asked his question.

"Well, as you know the races are the first games today, and that means that the rope-tie race will be coming up soon and I... uh, was wondering, that is if you're playing in the games today, if you would maybe consider, would you consider partnering with me in the race?"

"Oh!" She cried out, truly dismayed. "Erbrand I am so sorry, I would have loved to run the race with you but I have just asked Ginna whether she would run with me and she agreed. I am sorry."

"It, uh, it doesn't matter. I ... it was only a thought. Another time perhaps." Erbrand's flaming face was now directed at the floor as he attempted to leave, stumbling over his words as much as he was over his feet.

"Erbrand wait!" A voice called, and for a moment Kara thought it had been her own as she felt so guilty for the disappointment clear on the man's face. It had not been she who had called out, however, it had been Ginna. Erbrand looked up in surprise and as Kara turned to face her friend in confusion Ginna launched into an explanation.

"Kara, it's alright, you can race with Erbrand. No," she continued as Kara made to interrupt, "it really is alright. I wasn't sure that I wanted to race but I didn't want to let you down. But now that you have such a good replacement for me I won't feel guilty at all." She smiled as she spoke, feeling more at ease now. "I am quite happy to watch with Frodides and Modtryth, I promise I won't feel left out."

"Are you sure?" Kara asked.

"Completely." Ginna replied.

"Well then Erbrand," Kara spoke as she turned back to Erbrand with a beaming countenance, "if you still wish to race with me then I would be very glad to partner you."
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