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He was genuenely happy for Léof. The lad had run a good race. He said so, too. Then he turned to Flíthaf, who looked him in the eye restlessly, hardly any sign of tiredness in him. If anything, it appeared that the stallion was ready for more.

"Maybe later today, my lad," Eodwine said, caressing Flíhaf's cheek. "I reckon that I owe you more time than I've given you of late, and for that I'm truly sorry. You and I shall make up for it on the morrow."

He turned to Léof and asked if his ostler could take care of Flíthaf, for he had a rather irksome matter on his mind. Léof did so willingly, and Eodwine thanked him, then walked off at a good pace toward the entrance to Scarburg. He got as far as the road just beyond the entrance where he saw something that made his eyes open wide and his jaw drop.

Saeryn and Rowenna were walking slowly back toward him, Saeryn leading her mount by the reins, and they were talking and smiling, and even laughing! His heart lifted and his eyes moistened. He had desired Saeryn in marriage for months now, and had been kindly disposed toward Rowenna ever since her rescue - though he had not liked some things about her attitude; but now he suddenly came to love them both. Saeryn he wanted for his wife; Rowenna his heart held like a father. It was strange that they were both the same age, but there the similarities largely ended.

They had not seen him. This was not a time to intrude. He turned back to Scarburg, no longer feeling burdened. "Flíthaf, I'm sorry I was so heavy on your back; perhaps we would have won. No matter! The foot races are next!" Eodwine trotted back to the Scar where they were soon to begin.

There he found Lithor readying the other runners: Erbrand, Osmund, Degas, and Matrim, as well as Garmund, Cnebba, and Javan. They would all run together, but the boys were to be given a first place for themselves no matter which man won the race.

"Friends," Eodwine said loudly, "I am willing to wager one copper that Osmund will win the short race. Who will take my wager?"

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