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Hi all,

Good points!

Alfirin, I'm sure they could have used the Fell Beasts for aerial bombardment to some extent, remember the attacks on Faramir and his men? FB armour might be tricky due to weight constraints perhaps. btw thanks for the paragraphs!

Gordis, like the GH scenario! The quote regarding 1418 says to me that this was the first time they were released on the unsuspecting world, probably the Nazgul had trained them in secret for a long while previously.

Morth, I'm liking Quetzalcoatlus northropi a lot, and Ibril's 'mockery' idea!

whose kind, lingering in forgotten mountains cold beneath the Moon
has me tantalised, which mountains? Cold implies North, or very high, Ered Mithrin, the Grey Mountains, work on both counts, and also are close to the Withered Heath, the last-known dragon-hangout, possibly relations of the Fell Beasts? Alternatively some Eastern range, the Northern Yellow Mts perhaps? Why 'beneath the moon'? This makes no sense unless to emphasise that they are nocturnal.

Morth- Nazgul no. 2 :, Lal - Hillary Briss , Gordis- Fluffy 1&2 :... LOLs

Henceforth I shall know the FBs as 'Fluffy' just as the littlest-Nazgul is forever Skippy ;-)
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