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Hello both

I'm pleased to know that you're interested in my ideas and if I can contribute with my opinion I'll be double pleased.

First of all I have to say my ideas about the canonical works and its interpretation.
I think basically that as an exemplary mythology, this one of Middle-Earth is unfinished and formed by multiple texts, some of them merely rough copies or first drafts.
With this in mind I think we can not invent nothing apart for editorial sentences to join the established ideas of Tolkien (as did Christopher), even names (except some few in “Fall of Gondolin” about I’ll say later).

The basis for the complete text must be the material from the end of the writing of The Lord of the Rings to the early 60’s, Then complete with old texts as next to the 50’s as we can. From the texts of later 60’s we can only take some few ideas, for the most are essays and rough notes about a later development than never came, (such as the number of Balrogs, the origin of orcs, etc, even the post- Lord of the Rings Round version of Arda due to the need of a complete restructuration of the corpus impossible to Tolkien because his age, and to us for the need of invent.)

To sum up, we can not complicate us and limit to the above.

I assume The Children of Húrin as canonical and I left aside the work on the Narn I hin Hurin. And adding some material (Dragon helm and Saeros) to the chapter in Translations.

I have both books printed with a single “binding” with plastic and rings. The front page with the title reads

Traducciones del élfico J.R.R: Tolkien one

La caída de Gondolin J.R.R. Tolkien the other

The next page contains a note of the origins of this material. It reads translated.

These texts were constructed from myths of Eressëa and Númenor preserved in several sources and translated to modern language by JRRT.
Were compiled, edited and published firsr by his son CRT.
Reconstructed and edited second from the published texts by Gondowë.

I think that the history of Eriol/Aelfwine can be still possible (although I omit it) and can be compatible with "The Red book" of the hobbits

The next are the titles of the “real tales” in fëanorian characters first and then:

1 A Ainulindale, etc
B Valaquenta, etc
C Eldanyare Quenta Silmarillion o Histora de los Eldar o Historia de los Silmarils
D Atalante o Akallabeth, etc
E De los Anillos de Poder (Of the rings of Power)
F De la Tercera Edad (Of the Third Age)

2 Narn e- Dant Gondolin o Historia de la Caida de Gondolin (HIstory of the Fall of Gondolin)

On the development of the texts I’ll write other day, I must go working, I'm too very busy.


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