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Of course the narns are in prose except some passages of the lay of Leithian but in spanish are not rhyme only rhetorical poetry language. But for this I have the english version to read it in loud voice.
I am a Wagnerian like Tolkienian and I like very much alliterative verses, that like the Narn Hurin would sound well in German.

A question, who are supposed to have composed the tales:

Ainulindale Rumil

Valaquenta Pengolodh?

Quenta Silmarillion Pengolodh

Narn Beren ?

Narn Hurin Dirhaval

Narn Gondolin Pengolodh?

Akallabeth ?

Of .... the second and third Age AElfwine?

Tale of Years First age Qennar Onotimo
Second Age Pengolodh?
Thiird Age

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