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Originally Posted by Findegil View Post

Did I get you right that you would like to produce a Silmarillion + editions of the 'Great Tales'? That project looks even more ambious then ours since it will include much reducting from the 'Great Tales' with the additional issue to aviod to much repeating (but translation might help in this).

The reduction of Húrin in Brethil will be a hard task. The intra Brethilien politics are heavily interwoven with Húrins actions. I am not that sure that you must do that at all. Okay otherwise the tale is a bit out of balance with the rest of Húrins Wanderings. But not so much with what Tolkien might envisaged for his Silmarillion realised only for The Darkening of Valinor with all its sub-chaptern.

Well my initial idea was to retain the chapters of Túrin and Tour as it were in The Published Sil + WoH edited the end with the end of TT. And CoH in a book and FoG in other. It was so till you animate me to retake the narn Húrin so i am working in my job (when i can, of course, a Hospital) as I said above. I only take my previous WoH and past as an appendix at the end of CoH (with the central chapters enlarged with the lay).
In the chapter of "Silmarillion" i take the other title proposed by Tolkien "Of the fate of Húrin and Morwen" and as my law "not to complicate", I resume the whole passage of Hurin in Brethil with the annal 501 from WotJ little edited, and I don't "invent" nothing.

The enlarged chapter of Beren is "overenlarged", and added in the book with the other two tales, and the original chapter of Sil reenters in the Book.

I think it was the project of Tolkien to left a Silmarillion and the three (or four) tales apart.
And I know there are people that want to read the whole history, whithout Great Tales, people, of course, not like us, but for example my cousin can read the whole silmarillion and then if it likes much, could read the Tales enlarged, or vice versa. She red FoG and likes too much.


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