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The cold deepend out of doors. The sun hid himself longer each night. But the Hall at Scarburg was lit with a bright fire night after night and there was cheer out of the cold.

The Elf had chosen to stay with them for the yuletide. Logs were cut and brought near to feed the hearth. Game was hunted and killed to be cured and prepared for the feast of yuletide.

"Now this feels more like home," said Falco Boffin over a pint one night not far off from the shortest day.

"I'm sure it does," said Eodwine, pausing from practicing his art on the lyre. He had been taking lessons from the Elf. "It is good to see the halls decked again," he said as he strummed.

"You Eorlingas have an odd idea what to put on the walls!" Falco said, and lit his pipe.

"Can you not keep that thing lit?" Eodwine grinned.

"When I have a mind to," Falco returned. "Let's see if I can't pass a few smoke rings between those strings of yours."

Eodwine laughed.

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