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Originally Posted by Elmo View Post
At least wait for the film to come out before making such extreme judgements on it please. I have high hopes for this film and expect it to the meet such hopes.
It will require two-and-a-half years to watch this two-and-a-half-hour movie, so one will have to sit through the First Third of the Hobbit, to see how much narrative bloat, gratuitous CGI, fan-fiction cameo appearances (not to mention crass commercial product placement) to expunge from the mind so as to glean what part of the Hobbit one has actually seen. Then one will have to repeat this filtration process over the next year-and-a-half with The Second Third of the Hobbit and The Third Third of the Hobbit.

Or, one could wait until 2015 for the extra-special director's-cut DVD featuring a properly edited, two-and-a-half-hour version of The Hobbit.
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