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Ledwyn had no time to speak to Lady Saeryn quietly about Ruari’s brash attempt. Saeryn’s manner was brisk and commanding, and Ledwyn felt herself turn away to check the oats boiling in the pot, though she sensed it would be better to speak now.

But when Stefnu spoke, Ledwyn’s anger blazed. This surprised her, for she did not oft seethe at past remarks and never flew into a rage. She put her spoon down harder than she meant to, splattering oatmeal on the table. She would wipe it later, she decided.

“The oats are still too hard, Lady Saeryn,” she said stiffly. “Your daughter was beseeching me for honey, and when I refused she turned to others.” Now Ledwyn was beginning to regret her outburst. Was she tattling on a child who did not even live to one fifth of her age? She felt like a little girl; she could not even bring herself to say Stefnu’s name. She wanted to finish this quickly and quietly. “I do not think breaking your fast needs to be more special in any way than it is every day. No matter how little a girl is,” she added to Stefnu, with the last of her bitterness.
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