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Leaf 'Forgotten' details?

Zigūr, I agree completely with what you said in your last post. I had a good laugh at what you specifically said here:

The films have their own details, but they overlook the quite substantial amount of detail that already exists; it's what makes me look back on these sequences in the films as a "retelling" of events that might be elaborated upon in the mind of someone who remembered the episodes in broad strokes but had forgotten the details and thus assumed that no such details existed.

Or perhaps, of course, they did read all this and simply chose to ignore it.

Did the 'forgotten' details include an Wood-elf called Tauriel, and a 'romance' between her and Kili?

An answer could be that this information was suppressed, with Bilbo's consent, ensuring it never appeared in his memoirs; and either Tolkien went along with this in his edition of the latter, despite knowing otherwise, or information emerged that was unavailable during his lifetime.
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