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"Ho!" Eodwine smiled. "A teller of tales! Welcome, Balan Bard. Do you play tunes?"

"Alas, I do not," Balan replied. He had tried to make music several times in his life, but his hands were too clumsy and his hearing too coarse. "I admire greatly the talent of musicians, but my skill is in words alone."

"Maybe you can spin a yarn for us tonight by the hearth, if you are able and willing."

"I will so with your leave, Lord. There is always a will, but as for ability, that you and your folk shall judge for yourselves."

"So be it! I would have you sit at my table for our evening meal." Eodwine rose. "Unless there are any other matters to be brought before court today, we are done. Speak now or hold your peace until the next moon."

Balan bowed to the Eorl and followed the crowd outside.


Although Rowenna heard the rambunctious bard interrupt the proceedings, which the Eorl seemed to take in stride, her eye was on Nyd- Scyld. It would take some getting used to. She supposed that she should be offended that he had hidden so much from her; but he had done this to all, and now she understood. She knew that, had she been in his place, she would probably have done no differently. So they were alike. Oddly, she felt that she liked him more than she had. There was much about him that was still a mystery, but he had removed a wall between himself and all of them. She was glad of it. He glanced her way, once, and she knew that what he saw on her face was a smile and interest. He looked away, but she did not.

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