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Cerwyn flushed. Léof seemed so well-known, so well-respected, here at the Hall that it had not occurred to her that his story would not be common knowledge. Maybe, if he had spent more than ten minutes talking to her since she’d gotten here, he would have told her that there were things he was keeping secret. So much for all his fine words about this being his home now! He didn’t even trust the people who lived here enough to tell them the truth about where he came from.

Maybe, if she were less tired, if she were thinking clearly, she would have gone right away to find Léof and talk with him.

Instead, she said, “Is that what he told you?” she asked. She laughed shortly, feeling slightly hysterical. “Well - Léof was certainly tired of how our Father was treating both of us. Up till that night, he just took it, we both did. But one night, Father came in – drunk, of course – and they started fighting. I wasn’t paying attention to what over, but I looked up just as Father took a swing at Léof. Instead of just ducking or backing away or just taking it, Léof hit back. I don’t think it hurt him much, but I’ve never seen my Father so angry. He told Léof to get out, and by the next morning he’d taken his horse and gone.” She laughed again. “Honestly I think my Father was more upset over him taking Æthel than over his leaving, but going after the horse would have meant going after Léof, and he’s too stubborn to chase after someone he’d just told to go.”
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