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Friends, I'm astounded how this topic has taken off! I admit it, I've fantasized about starting a thread that people enjoy. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]


To write is to make dreams, to make dreams is to awaken the fantasy of the mind, to awaken the mind is to be a master.
I like that a lot.

dragongirlG: Thanks for the website link.

KingCarlton: Thanks for the reference to 'Age of Empires'. I've seen it on the shelves in the local hobby shop and would buy it but my wife would have a REAL BIG problem with that. [img]smilies/frown.gif[/img] Next monetary birthday/Christmas gift I get, who knows?....

I find nothing offensive whatsoever in your posts, KC. They are stated clearly, forthrightly, as your own thoughts, not forced on anyone.

Rose Cotton: Regarding everyone being sick of Tolkien, I think it's because most of what's published tries to be like Tolkien and fails miserably, or the publisher claims the tie-in and readers see that it's a bunch of baloney. Check out the "Valid Criticisms" thread for more on this.
But she also said that dragons are out. Do you guys think dragons are over used?
I think one must be careful about dragons because they can be over used. I have two in my story, but they are way more powerful than anything in Tolkien's works. Also they function differently in my story, as virtually the rulers over entire peoples and armies. I made them that way partly because I intuited that dragons are indeed getting to be a dime a dozen; plus, it just works better for my story.

Happy writing!
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