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Thank you littlemanpoet, what a lovely thing to are a delightful one, aren't you? [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

On this topic of dragons being "out" or whatever, I have a question for all you brilliant and imaginative minds: what kinds of wicked beasts and such appear through your story or stories?

I have:

Ursours. Small, with molten skin, several eyes (most blind) and claws where hands and feet should be. They thrive only on human flesh, and eat naught by it; yet they are so weak and bad at their hunt that they rarely or never taste it. Ursours live then in a state of continual feverish hunger, which causes them to be unsure of what they see, yet they rip and tear at all. To kill an Ursour is to have mercy, for of all beasts in the Blue they have the most accursed existence.

Morfans. Only few of them remain at Audrie and Alender's time, yet they are loath to kill. Towering, wicked fowl who roam night forests. They often lure good folk by beckoning them with a seemingly harmless fire in the middle of the darkness. Upon their cruel heads, sharp-beaked, and on their tails they bear plain, ever-burning flames. To feed these embers is to revive a dreadful Morfan.

Wrents. Shadow creatures that go unharmed by fire or weapon; only sunlight can drive them away, although they never disappear. They travel quickly, by the sound of their terrible, wailing voice. Yet their screams at least give warning to what danger lurks near.

There are others, too.

This thread is actually fascinating. I thought I was the only one writing serious fantasy, although I can't believe I did now.