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I think it's because that writing really reveals what I think sometimes, and I feel like this pleasantly secret part of me is getting disclosed.
That is how I feel when friends ask to read my work!! The fear of criticism, especially from them, is always present. When I write, every detail of the story is personal. It's as if they are seeing some untold memory of mine, one that I would like to remain personal. That's why they are never given my pen name, but online I shall give it freely! (I've sent it to you by the way. I just noticed yours is in your sig, so if I have time expect a review from me!)

KingCarlton: I do not know if your comments are directed at me, and if so no offence is taken I assure you. Your words are true though, movies (or in this case, books) are no fun with subtitles...for some. There are some who so enjoy the art of language that an unknown word, sentence or conversation in another language is amazing, especially if it is of one you do not know. Pet pastime? Yes, it is a hobby, but I do not feel that many of my worlds would be complete without some form of communication that seperates 'us' from 'them'. That is simply my opinion.
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