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Public Research: Civilizations

This survey is a supplementary to Public Research: Religion thread and leans mainly on definition and classification of Civilizations as provided by Samuel. P. Huntington in his The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. According to Huntington, after the end of Cold War the world has entered the new stage of development, and is no more politically bipolar, but contains several civilizations competing with each other. Leaving competition out, as it is not of interest in this survey, I’d like to learn what Civilizations Tolkien readers (as represented in this here board) belong to.

Civilization as used here means relation/unity of language, religion and culture.

Western Civilization includes U.S., Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand (excluding Greece)
Latin American is self-explanatory, however, Latin American is not clearly separated from Western, so, if one feels oneself better placed in one or the other, one is free to do so.
African excludes North African Arabic countries, as these are parts of Islamic Civilization
Sinic includes China and its circle of influence, excluding Tibet
Hindu is largely contained within single country – India, as well as Japanese contains Japan
Orthodox views Russia as the core state and includes European and Oriental countries where Orthodox Christianity is the mainstream confession.
Buddhist includes Tibet, Mongolia and countries in the South-East Asia outside of China’s circle

‘Other’ is for those who don’t agree with classification and/or adhere to their own, or for those who are cosmopolitan and view themselves citizens of the Galaxy, or find it hard to place themselves due to other considerations. I do not, however, invite you discuss different classifications - the survey is supplementary to one linked to above, as was said

This survey does not inquire about your living place. One may live in Islamic country and consider oneself belonging to Buddhist Civilization (or any other dichotomy of your choice). Countries are listed merely as an indication of places where Civilizations as listed are dominant.
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