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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Reading the above posts, for the first time in my life I've thought of the One Ring as the Tolkien version of a femme fatale.
hahahaha no Galadriel, not quite, as Annatar was a comely 'bad boi' -- male as was noted on the Bilbo thread. And - seriously - I'd been wondering about, the Ring/Anatar being the equivalent of a homme fatale for quite some time. E.g. Tol Sirion and 'vampires' (creatures of blood lust), etc.

@All, and following on from the new idea:

We repeatedly see Sauron's Ring/s as having most influence over males, such as Celebrimbor (who was spurned by Galadriel), then Isildur, Deagol, Sméagol (who murdered Deagol and that was male-male anger about 'possession'), Bilbo (who never married) then Frodo -- again -- who never married.

The Ring and the mythology had Eowyn downing the 'male' Angmar-ian witch king (another 'seduced' male) by Sauron, and Galadriel (female repellent of a homme fatale) who repelled The Necromancer from the former Amon Lanc in Mirkwood (we never really knew much about that once fair tower in Greenwood the Great, though I like to imagine that Oropher as a Telerin oversaw it.

So, back to refocus the above stream:

I'm lifting out an 'evil Animus' theme or perhaps an 'evil Anima' theme (and here, I'm seeing the significance of what Tolkien might have inadvertently or implicitly or unconsciously transmitted to us in his notions of 'Evil').

If we take the premise that the Ring 'swells' greed in growing wells of its bearer, or that the Ring 'appeals to greed and lust' (as Tolkien used those words, semi-regularly) and that, the evil animus/ma of the 'second personality' that emerges or 'grows' in influence over time. Why were so many of the males (Sméagol, Frodo, Bilbo--even perhaps Isildur downstream?) separated from parenthood? Is the evil anima/mus concept, therefore, something about diverting the owner away from their birthright?

So in any 'person-to-person' interaction of Ringbearers -- inevitably -- there is the 'evil animus/ma' there in the background of *each* bearer present, *not* actually bearing the ring (as a subdued or latent or 'watching' unconscious presence, perhaps), interacting with the 'current' bearer's directly-linked evil animus/ma.

This opens up the possibility that there is some kind of variation on 'distorted' empathy (an empathy inversion, for instance, that communicates -- sub vocally -- between bearers. And the inverse of empathy (Sauronic transmission of his Animus/ma now entirely evil for Sauron) is certainly 'evil' incarnate. That is, ordinarily, empathy governs interactions, but in a Sauronic 'inversion' he 'swells greedily' into others 'evil' Animus/ma through inversion-empathy 'conduits' that transmit Sauronic evil.

The idea is not really that 'out there'. After all, Tolkien had the Three communicating telepathically. There is a word for it, and I've forgotten in.

And Mort^horon will no doubt, be swiftly hahahahah kicking my rear end, shortly, about this whole post...HURRAY!!!

Merry Xmas everyone
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