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Originally Posted by Eonwe
Well, that's why I was pushing so hard yesterDay for the village to agree to the plan (see the posts I quoted in my last post). If we'd all agreed on the Dead Thread voting for Inziladun, then him not self-voting would out him as a wolf anyway. That's why I was getting a bit frustrated yesterDay at people either ignoring the discussion, flat-out rejecting the idea, or saying we should wait until toDay to discuss it. And I suspect that while some of that was for practical/legitimate/non-evil reasons, there is at least one evil person hiding in that category.
You're right. It should've been discussed early yesterDay. I'm partially to blame as I should've taken the time to think about the Dead Thread more in the first half of the Day and grasp a better understanding of it (I finally did get a chance to peek at the Dead Thread of the last game with one to get a little better understanding of how it wasn't until then I even realized the dead were allowed to post at Night). I didn't want to discuss the topic more at the end of yesterDay as I found that to be too much of a distraction when we needed to focus on who to lynch. I still stand by that.

Another option I can think of if we want to keep the list divided in two categories, is we can instruct the Dead Thread to use their empowerment vote toMorrow to communicate Inzil's role. The downside of that is we would be a Day behind on finding out roles if they already know Inzil's and toDay's empowerment vote would essentially have no meaning behind it.

Originally Posted by Eonwe
1. Everyone in the Dead Thread needs to be around around the deadline.
2. People would need to start voting earlier on the Living Thread so the Dead have time to discuss who is the best option out of those who have votes. I mean, I suppose they could agree to some kind of ranking, but I can imagine many ways in which that could get messed up.
And that is quite a problem. Because some people aren't ever able to be around at deadline and then there others who are only able to be active in the last few hours of the Day.

As for me, I can tell you that in most cases I am only able to be around during the first hours of the Day and then not again until the last hour or two.

On that note, I will be leaving for a day trip soon, though I should hopefully be back for the end of the Day. So I don't think I can add much more to the Dead Thread discussion toDay at least since once I return, I will need to focus on who to vote for.
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