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My dream is SO weird. I dreamt that Billy and Dom were sitting at this table, and I went up to them and was all, "Can I have your autograph?" They looked really bored and ****ed off but they said, "I guess." I gave Billy a little piece of paper with writing on the one side and his autograph covered the WHOLE thing. Dom took it and he was all "Uh.." and I said, "Do you want a new one?" I got him one and he signed it. Then I started singing The Drinking Song and then they all did too. Then I was suddenly in a hotel room with my friends, we had just gotten back from seeing Two Towers. Some girl showed up and said "Guess what? YOU'RE GOING TO HELM'S DEEP!!" and I was like "OH MY GOD!! YAAAAY!! What do you mean?" and she was all "You're going to see the Two Towers!" and I started screaming and yelling like I had never seen it before. Twas weird.
"There's a big...machine in the sky...some kind of electric snake...coming straight at us."
"Shoot it," said my attorney.
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