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Senseless Skwerl, that's hilarious!

I dreamt that I was in school and we were about to take a test. After it was passed out, I looked at the questions and realized that it was a test about ME stuff! I only remember the first question- it was "Name 4 of the Valar." All the questions were easy like that. So I worked on my test and was about halfway through with it when I glanced at someone else's paper. They hadn't written anything down at all! I was thinking, "HA! That's what you get for not reading Tolkien!!!"

When I woke up I was very disappointed because I wanted to finish the test and get 100%. And laugh at everyone else for doing poorly (I wouldn't actually do that if it were not a dream, I'm not mean like that, but since it's a dream, why not??? No one's feelings would be hurt.).

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