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I always have strange dreams and I had a LOTR one two nights ago... I was in a huge warehouse which strangly enough was my computer classroom. The computers were all spread out and the computer teacher was driving(yes, driving in a car!)between the computers and barking out orders through a megaphone. Suddenly out of the blue Gandalf appears by my computer and is blabbing about a quest and I acted very uninterested.(Must have not known who he was strangly enough) Then he says, "But the Fellowship is in trouble, you must save them!". Then it must have hit me because I threw down my computer book and ran out the doors screaming, "I'll save you Aragorn!" Then of course it had to end(darn those dreams!). It was very strange all together though, especially the whole computer class in a warehouse with a teacher in car. Maybe I just need some counseling(thinks...oh yeah, i'm already in it!) [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
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