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Boots *sigh*


First of all, before I say anything else about what Feanor just said, I'm not asking you to believe just me. I'm asking you to believe the phantom and especially Mithalwen. Re-read what Mithalwen said yesterday and just think about what she'd be saying if she'd made it to this point. I think there is a painfully obvious reason why Mithalwen could not possibly be allowed to make it here.

Feanor is asking (actually demanding, and beginning to get kind of shrill about it to, if I may say) you to take her word for it (always unwise in a game of this nature) and offering no evidence to support it. She just taunts me for being "mistaken" and then embarks upon a voyage of self-justification.



Regarding The Saucepan Man and bilbo_baggins (said repeatedly)

Because I still thought he was guilty.
(Notice the italics, she seems to be getting desperate.)

Why? There was no reason to think so. There was never any reason to think Saucepan Man was guilty. Suspicion about bilbo developed only gradually. So, I ask again, why?

*giggle* Yeah. I'm glad you guys changed your minds
I bet.

Plausible, yes. Accurate... pretty much. Did tp come to the wrong conclusion... heck yes he did.
This does not follow. If it is plausible and accurate (by your own admission) then the chances are that it is true.
...finding a path that cannot be found, walking a road that cannot be seen, climbing a ladder that was never placed, or reading a paragraph that has no...
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