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I think there is a painfully obvious reason why Mithalwen could not possibly be allowed to make it here.
Sure there is. This one:

And just think... if we kill bilbo and I'm wrong, then tonight the werewolf will kill another innocent. That narrows the list of Alive down to three people. If I'm still alive, and Mith is still alive, that pretty much means I'll know who the werewolf is.
offering no evidence to support it
I most certainly gave an excellent reason for my choice. I know that I'm innocent, and I'm reasonably certain that Oddwen is. Looking around, I see only you left. I'd be happy to point my finger if you can give me another target. Can you blame me for choosing you by default?

(Notice the italics, she seems to be getting desperate.)
The idea was to get my point across.

This does not follow. If it is plausible and accurate (by your own admission) then the chances are that it is true.
Sure, chances are that it's true, but chances are often wrong. Let me clarify: given the evidence that the phantom saw, he came to that conclusion. My point is that he was not seeing what was there. He misread the evidence. Remember how we accidentally lynched a few innocents? You blame me for it, but I certainly wasn't the only person voting. If y'all honestly thought I was guilty, then why in the world would you listen to me!?
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