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Brief Outline of the Game:

Everyone starts off at the White Horse Inn in Rohan. Here we meet Thin-Gloomy’s caretaker who then tells us what happened and which direction to travel.

We head North West towards the Gap of Rohan. Here we get ambushed by workers of the kidnapper (who shall be played by myself or anyone who wishes to later on). Here someone will get injured on our side which will detain the group from moving forward. But we also manage to capture one of the bandits to question.

We find a cabin which appears to abandoned but is really owned by (male or female) character. After that, all of us, including the cabin owner, continue on North towards Tharbad - for the cabin owner had informed us that he/she saw a group of people heading in that direction

We fall captive to the group who first ambushed us. We find away out and escape with the bandits hot on our tails.

We arrive in Tharbad and question a few villagers before finding out that the group that kidnapped Thin-Gloomy had indeed passed that way and points us to the other side of the village to a Mansion at the top of the road.

We find Thin-Gloomy and save him after fighting the band (which only consisted of 5 people). The band that was following us enters the mansion. We trick them into the cell and lock them in while one of us runs back down for authorities.

We leave the city the way we came without any more disturbances and arrive back at the White Horse Inn sometime later. He gives us a reward and we all go back to our lives, closer than we were.

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