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Hello everyone! I'm Crystal Heart, Co Game Owner with Glirdan.

A little background for those of you that have never played with me before: This is my 6th game here at Barrowdowns. I have owned two and this is my first co owned game.

For me it is an honor to play with all of you. Some of you I have just came out of a very successful game and it is an honor to play with so soon after Darker Days (Cordelia Harrison and Glirdan). For the rest of you, it is an honor to play with you all for the first time. I look forward to a very interesting and intriguing game.

I hope you all are as excited about the start of this new adventure as I am. As always, please contact me with anything that you might need.

Yours, Crystal Heart

P.S. Glirdan it is an extreme honor to be co owning this game with you.
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