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Singing seems to be a common passtime in ME.
But in one story I'm writing, about the Huin-en-Lhuig, they are basically a bunch of musicians. Some sing, but many play instruments, so that's what I wanted to know.

And thank you, guys! That's all I needed to know! Clarinets, eh? My friend plays the Clarinet...maybe she's secretly a 5'5", blonde, beautiful Dwarf...okay, maybe not.

And yes I know that the original song is "Sing Us A Song, You're the Piano Man", but if you are playing the flute you cannot very well sing can you? [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] Well, you could try (as I have done on countless occasions with my flute), but it's not too easily done.

Okay: I have my information! If you want to keep this open you can, or, Mr. Barrow-Wight, if you want to close it and make way for other threads, I am okay with that too!
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