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OK, now I understand why I was so confused by your first post -- I read the shipwreck of their current boat as if it was Merisu's recollection of the wreck upon their arrival in Valleyum. Now I get it. They've wrecked on a different island on their way back home. Being the over-analytical type is good for computer programming, but bad for most of the rest of life.

In addition to Repo Man gags, hopping from island to island is going to open up the possibility of Gilligan's Island, Tom Hanks' Cast Away (what would be Gormlessar's "Wilson"?), and several other running jokes. I can see Gateskeeper as "the Professor", always trying to invent stuff using only bamboo and coconut shells...

I'll have some time today to work on a Gateskeeper post, and should have it up...on second thought, every time I've made a commitment to a timeframe in REB's past, I've always missed it. Suffice to say it will be up as soon as humanly possible.
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