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Originally Posted by Squatter
I like the Liquidator, meaning that he sounds like a decent enough sort of chap if you get on the right side of him.
The right side being solvent and free of any debt. But Emu help anyone who owed any money to Mogul Enterpises LLC. Hmm, I wonder who that might implicate ...

Originally Posted by Thena
For those who might like to use Tara in upcoming posts, here's a bit of background on her character.
Although it tends not to be her character that interests those who are interested in her, if you get my meaning ...

I would, however, note that the character upon which Tara is based is of the English aristocracy, was born in Wimbledon and educated at Gordonstoun (Prince Charles' Alma Mater), is a seasoned explorer and artifact collector and an athlete extraordinaire, likes scaling dangerously precipitous cliffs and jumping rivers of molten lava, and is pretty handy (with both hands) with munitions of various types.

She also tends to shoot dumb animals, along with the odd villainous henchmen, rather a lot.

Not that I know much about her ...
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