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c) I agree that ‘Aman’ does not work. It is the coast lands that were flattened by the Valar Valinor itself was already a plain, as we are told.
d) Okay, if all of you are fine with ‘Avarthar’ containing some mist, we will go with that.
j) Aiwendil’s suggestion sound good to me, but is 'Faery' okay in our version?
l) The reference is strictly speaking to Valinor and Eldamar. Therefore 'the Pelˇri' or 'the Mountains' does not work so well for me, even so I agree that 'Avathar' is also not perfect that is nearer to Tolkien's own (imperfect) phrase.

Ilmarin: Good catch! But isn’t that a bit like opening the box of Pandora? If we take ‘Ilmarin’, what then about ‘Luvailin’ ‘a mere in Eldamar under the shadow of OiolossŰ’? I am inclined to take both. Luvailin belongs to a later chapter, when we speak about the building of Tirion, but Ilamrin should be inserted here:
But ManwŰ S˙limo, highest and holiest of the Valar, sat upon the borders of the West, forsaking not in his thought the Outer Lands. For his throne was set in majesty upon the pinnacle of Taniquetil, which was the highest of the mountains of the world, standing upon the margin of the Seas. VT-LT-05<LT That house was builded of marbles white and blue and stood amid the fields of snow, and its roofs were made of a web of that blue air called {ilwŰ}ilmen that is above the white and grey. This web did AulŰ and his wife contrive, but Varda spangled it with stars, and ManwŰ dwelt thereunder.> VT-EX-37.3 <LotR A Reader’s Companion, Many Meetings, 235 (I:247). Ilmarin For this dwelling of ManwŰ, Lord of the Valar (the Elder King) upon OiolossŰ was used in verse VT-EX-37.4{for}[u]about[/b] Valinor> the name VT-EX-37.3 <LotR A Reader’s Companion, Many Meetings, 235 (I:247). Ilmarin Ilmarin {as ‘},”mansion of the high airs”>. Spirits in the shape of hawks and eagles flew ever to and from his halls; …

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