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Originally Posted by Nogrod
Foley: would you like to have a guy named Crogulf as Uldor's servant, even though he seems to be a drunkard spending his evenings at the Dragontail Inn when possible?

Of course we can edit all the talk of the servants out if needs be.
I think it's brilliant. When I read about him in your post on the game thread, my first thought was, "Golly, when Uldor finds out that Crogulf's been spreading talk and information about him when he's drunk, he's not going to be happy."

I don't know how much Crogulf will know of anything important, understand. He may not know too much. It depends on what sort of information you're expecting to get out of him. :P

Anguirel, as Uldor has been prodded into actually preparing the feast, I guess he can be the one who sends someone to invite the elves. Does CoD want to play the messenger?

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