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"A taleteller indeed. I have heard him speak; he can weave a fine tale, " said Hiriest.

"Too bad there will be more drinking than tale-telling, for I would like to hear him, " said Beech.

"Patience, then. Or fortitude, for some of his tales are in the library. Bring extra oil for your lamp, and coffee; you will be there long." Oak chuckled; Beech had no taste for dim libraries.

"Reading his tales! Surely he can tell them to me himself."

Willow smiled, and said nothing, but Oak laughed out loud.

"THey are not short tales, " Hiriest replied, laughing. Together they came to the Inn door, and round the corner came a small hobbit. They stopped short in surprise.

"Well met, Halfling. What brings you to Minas Tirith?" said Beech. "We are Hiriest, Gaerbrethil, Calentathar, and Doroninn. We are pleased to make your aquaintance...?"

"Lindo, of Westmarch," he said, and bowed. "I received tidings that littlemanpoet has been named a Bard of the Seventh Star."

"He has indeed, " replied Hiriest,"and we come to celebrate him as well. JOin us for an ale?"

"Thank you!" replied Lindo, and the five entered the Seventh Star.

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