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The grey-clad wait-staff appeared with three tall earthen vessels brimming clear-gold. THey seemed to glow.

"I say, " said Beech.

"In honor of the new Bard, " said Oak.

Willow said nothing, only swaying a little as he reached for his draught.

Hiriest protested. "They brought none for me? None for the harper?"

"You're tall enough, " replied Oak.

"Perhaps I should try some," said Lindo.

"I think not!" said Beech.

"Well then, Lindo, we must stick together, and enjoy our ale, " said Hiriest. "And they don't need to grow any more, really. It's vanity."

THe five young men raised their drinks to each other, and Lindo smiled. "The Three Trees do have a leafy look. To littlemanpoet!"

"To the Bard!"

"Ode to the Bard! Ode to the Bard!" The chant arose, and caught on around the room. "Ode to the Bard!"

With ale and voices raised in song
We cheer the teller of tales along
and wait for the next tale to be borne--
Ode to the Bard! Ode to the Bard!

Not ale enough nor song have we
Forth to elempi sent in cheer
SO songs and many flagons of beer are
Owed to the Bard! Owed to the Bard!"

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