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Hiriest took his ale in hand, and turned to the various guests. Lindo rose to join him. Together they roamed the Inn; they approached UndůmŽ and greeted her with a bow.

Oak, Beech, and WIllow lingered over their draughts a little longer, but soon they wandered as well. Arry chatted with Raefindan and elempi; Beech and Willow turned to join them.

Oak sought out Durelin, who sat with one Valde Delego. He peeered at them from beneath mossy eyebrows, and and watched as they popped pistachios, which smelled odd. He looked then at Piosenniel, sitting in the corner, watching the goings-on with interest.

"Hmmm, " he said. "These grow far to the south, in sandier places. I haven't seen pistachio trees since Beleriand." He sniffed them.
Pio's eyes sparkled, and she offered him a handful. WIth a wave of his leafy hand, he declined.

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