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"What doesn't make sense to me," said Lindo, "is Elendil not keeping a Palantir. And I am not so convinved that Elendil's ship carried the White Tree."

Mellonin sat back in her chair and waited, trying not to scowl.

"I propose, " said Lindo, "a visit to the library."

Mellonin brightened. "Very well."

It was Ravion's turn to scowl. "Must we?"

"There is no need for you to come," said Mellonin hurriedly.

Ravion snorted. "No doubt I would ruin your fun?" He laughed. "Well, I would. So go to your library. And I shall go to the docks. I have never lingered there."

Mellonin smiled. "Now I wish I could go both places!"

They filed out. Drowsily spreading their leaves in the sunshine, three gnarled trees-- an oak, a beech, and a willow-- guarded the front of the inn.

"Wonderful, shaggy old trees, " said Lindo. "Marvellous."

Ravion shrugged. "They weren't here a year ago." He headed down towards the gate, and they turned up the street.

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