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How come people tolerated them residing in the Withered Heath? Why do you think it was withered? You don't tolerate a dragon, a dragon tolerates you. Why did the dragon Scatha tolerate having a scum-ridden orc stronghold at Gundabad, not far from its lodging? Because they were no worse than the dwarves he had burned out of Gundabad, and he could kill any of them without them starting an assault on his hoard. Why did Smaug tolerate laketown? Because he was asleep, Dale and Erebor had fallen, and he was at the moment content with his hoard.

Too bad tolerence of peoples of the area were the downfall for both Scatha and Smaug, since the men of Wilderland eventually produced heroes capable of being called dragon-slayers, Bard, descendent of Girion, (with help from Bilbo, of course), and Fram, son of Frumgard, one of Eorl the youngs early ancestors.

It's pretty obvious that while dragons couldn't tolerate dwarves (was Smaug's outright loating for them a better hint than Gimli's comments about the horn given to Merry from Scatha's hoard?). And no doubt they despised elves, but they should have learned from their procreator Glaurung that they shouldn't play with men like toys, they should just kill them and be content.

I wonder if Scatha and Smaug were brothers?
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