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Aiwendil and lindil it is so nice to read from you here!

Aiwendil, I think chapter 3 was the place we stopped last adn it seems finished. Since that is done, I would say take your free choice. ArcusCalion and I should be willing to discuss any chapter with you, to whitch your lust for discussion leads us.

lindil, your tried already once to shift the project to your (new) idea of an annotated Sil77. I am still inclined first to finish this project before jumping into anything new. I can see the resaoning that shuch an annotated Sil77 would have probably a much greater chance to get a go for publication. But that does not mean that it will have a good chance! And anyhow when you started the old project, publication has not been a goal and for the project as it is, it can never be. And all active discusser do know that. So sorry but I am strongly against your new project binding forces that could be used for the old one.


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