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1) I have posted a draft of my restructured chapter including Of the Finding of the Ring in The Stewards thread. In that thread we can begin to discuss the inclusion of The Quest for Erebor into that chapter. I would need to see your proposed draft, or if it is in any way similar to the idea I have in my restructured version.

2) Having checked the book, his summary of LotR is very much point for point the same as the synopsis, but written in a much choppier form. Therefore, the only place it would be relevant would be for the events of Return of the King, and indeed I think I will incorporate parts of it into my draft for the final chapter, but the overall meat of it is inferior in quality to the form of the Synopsis, since it is written in Tolkien's commentative style, as well as in brief bullet-point form.

Update: I have updated the final draft of the last chapter, and I made copious use of the text of the letter. It is actually perfect for summarizing the events of Return of the King, and I used great portions of the end of it (heavily edited). Thank you Fin for pointing me in the direction of the full text, as I did not know it continued past the point given in the Letters of JRRT.

3) I have the text of the Synopsis typed out and added into my draft, so once we have confirmation that they were written by Tolkien (as indeed seems likely) then we may use it. Having made the draft using it, I no longer think the lack of a summmary of volume 3 is a big problem. The summary of the War of the Ring in the drafts for the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen covers all the basic points of the story quite well, and we can supplement it with extracts from the Letter to Milton Waldman. About The Great Years I do not think we will need them if we use the Synopsis and the Letter. I used parts of the Fourth Age events for the draft of the next chapter, but aside from that I do not think we will need them. As for The Hunt for the Ring, once we make a decision about including the Synopsis there is no question that I would want to include it inmy draft as its own chapter, because the Synopsis will solve the imbalance in level of story detail. Therefore, once we decide definitively that we will use the Synopsis, I will post the draft of the next chapter, which would now be The Hunt for the Ring. I will, however, wait until we have reviewed the chapter as it exists then before adding in The Battles of the Fords of Isen. For now, that can remain in our outline as an Appendix, along with The Quest for Erebor. Once we review the last chapters as they are currently envisioned, we can discuss whether or not to add them in, as I know Fin already has a draft for the latter prepared.

Update: Upon completion of the last draft of the final chapter including the summary of Return of the King from the Waldman letter, I think it will be very easily possible to add in the Battles of the Fords of Isen, although we can discuss the best way to do so in due time.

Apologies for the many, many posts. I know it's hard to keep track, but all of these additions are so exciting to me and I get carried away, and new ideas of how to handle them keep occurring to me!

Therefore, the summary of all of this is this:
1) I will wait for Fin to comment on my restructure of The Stewards, now split into two chapters: Of the Finding of the Ring and The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen.
2) After we resolve that, he will post his ideas about possibly including The Quest for Erebor into the narrative.
3) We will decide whether or not to use the Synopsis for LotR (as I think we will).
4) I will post my draft for the last two chapters: The Hunt for the Ring and The War of the Ring.
5) We will review my drafts, and then discuss adding in The Battles of the Fords of Isen.
That seems to me to be the timeline of what we need to do next. I figured I lay it out here for ease of reading. We are so close to the end! After these next chapters, it is only The New Shadow and then we finish the entire narrative of the Legendarium!!

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