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Originally Posted by Nerwen
Really? Details, please!
It's a long story...

There's a Finnish theme week in Paris now. There is a square where all sorts of young Finnish artists and designers and such are presenting their things. The city of Helsinki made a request for a few upper secondary schools, including mine, to make short films that somehow relate to Helsinki.

I took part in our school's film project (I was a camera(wo)man and did loads of editing and some of the script). Unfortunately since the trip to Paris to present the films was paid by the state of Finland, they could take only five people from each school in order to keep the expences tolerable. Our group had thirteen participants, I think, and all of them had done their share really well, so the ones who got to Paris were chosen by the amount of extra work they had done. They (the two teachers responsible for our school's film) managed to choose four quite easily, but the fifth was a choice between me and one other. Since they couldn't make up their minds on which one they'd pick, they decided by lot. Knowing my luck, the result was no big surprise..
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