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Re: lit. dev.

I would avoid fan-fiction dudes. If ya are tryin to assemble a 'correct' SILMARILLION, fan-fic is NOT the way to go. I would advise taking a medical attitude (since in a sense this is indeed delicate surgery err editing) DO NO HARM! By this I mean as an example: an extended storyline such as Hurin's journey to Doriath. It's a bad idea to take proposed or sketched events and create dialogue and or other narrative events. A FAR better solution (if it's even needed) is to simply insert such material into a Tale of Years or other annalistic form such as Grey Annals. I'd refrain from adding ANYTHING. Subtraction is better. Crazy; I know, but still true. Having every single nuance would be cool and I would love it too, but it would change so much. Take an example from Tolkien's LOTR Appendices. He cut them down, but the info was still there. Can they be fleshed out a little? Sure. Should they be like totally fleshed out? Nope.

What exactly is this rarely dull White Council?

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