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Re: Literary devices and plans to start

There's quite a bit here; so I'll refrain from a complete commentary.

Mithadan , I am working on a complete reply to your last post on this thread - Hopefully by thursday pm it will be done. Thanks for such a serious look at the proposals

It seems I wasn't quite on the same page afterall.
After seeing suggestions for adding material from text X to Text B (of
which they are unrelated), then I would have to express concern.

i.e. Shibboleth should stand alone, not be an incorporated featurette,
Quendi And Eldar is SUPPOSED to be an Appendixed item, as is
Athrabeth not a source of text for another text.

I think that clarification on my part should express my concern
considering editorial and creative expression.
These have been my suggestions all along and that is all they are . I have my own philosophy as to why I would
add items which JRRT saw as belonging more to an appendix- briefly it is that JRRT may have incorporated some himself , and that the detail he was hoping for in the Silm , will never be reached by his remaing texts , adding peices [not whole parts] of Q &amp; E, but, say the sections that seriously illuminate the awakening of the elves for instance.
As a possible solution to appease; Silmarillion is a conglomeration of
stories from different sources. Christopher made a &gt;creative choice&lt; to
develop a sense of narrative flow, which was not truly intended or
acheived in many places, not an editorial choice.

In this way, Tuor can abide alongside Fall of Gondolin without significant
alteration as example.

FYI: in my personal copies, I make extensive use of the Lays prsented
as historical flavor, and to accentuate different styles or details otherwise
unknown (Boldog for example).
I will have to look into III more , I have never been as keen an appreciator of poetry as i would like so I have neglected III .

If I am still on the wrong page, please let me know.
I can go with the current idea, but it seems a bit excesssive.
let's take up each story and bit s to be inserted or not as it comes up.

I used Maeglin as an example as it is done using only text taken from
Maeglin and it's variants, while keeping in mind the conceptual whole
Maeglin seemed a [wise] and rather straight forward peice to work on.

As a wrap up; my suggestions in the propsed outline thread are my musings that have not yet gone through the fire of collective criticism , that is why I through them up. I do favor the idea of the Silm being as full as the available materials allow and if something can be used to flesh out a story i would in general rather see it there than in an appendix, but this is my pet theory if you will and I don't expect that after hearing everyone idea's , that I shall still feel the same way as I do now. [at least I hope not!] I most def. am not asking for an up or down vote on the whole package and clearly I shall have to flesh a few out to make my case a little stronger, but I will def. postpone that till after the group has [God willing] finished a few chapters.

Saulotus , I still havn't given Maeglin the critical eye it deserves I will try and hit it tonight, thanks for sharing <img src=smile.gif ALT="">


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