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CRRT quota tion on editing

this is the same material from the outline/proposal thread but I thought a copy should live here for future discussions sake.

I just foung an interesting quote of CRRT which belongs in lit. devices , but as I am here now ...

It is CRRT speaking frankly of his editorial [and a bit more] handling p. 8 UT :
' ...and in the earlier part of the story [Aldarion and Erendis] I have rewritten much of the material in the attempt to give some degree of stylistic homogeneity. throughout it's course. this rewriting is entirely a matter of of wording , and never alters meaning or introduces inauthentic elements .'
This is something to debate on another thread maybe, as the lines between JRRT/Fanfiction have blurred here. I myself have never had a problem w/CRRT's doing what needed to be done to get 77 and UT to us,
it is only now w/ HoME that he honestly tells us he backed away from the big job his father was aiming for [both MT and Old style versions] this is where my dissatisfaction comes in. not by any means do I think I could have done better w/ a chaotic mass of fading manuscripts that he had. I would have given up in despair, or [at the very best -which is unlikely] as he did publish the relatively finished and straightforward stuff quickly [UT] and make a Silm that was more or less streamlined and avoided many of the really thorny issues [except the death of thingol] which was unavoidable, which he did [77]. And then if I couldn't rest; turn to making a compilation of the whole mess. [HoME].

thus we have published for us, as neatly as can be all [or 95% +] of the material needed to do what CRRT could have done ,had he pondered longer , done alot of difficult homework on the HoME stuff first, before publishing 77, and applying the above principles of supplementational writing he mentions and used in UT.

i.e. is it still Tolkien if CRRT uses the liberal methods of editing and fanfiction if we do it?

'The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night, and awaken early before dawn- exchanging lore and wisdom such as they possessed , so that they should not fall back into the mean and low estate of those , who never knew or more sadly still, had indeed rebelled against the Light.' Lindil is often found on posting on the Silmarillion Canon Forum at the Barrowdowns discussion board. </p>
The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night exchanging lore & wisdom such as they still possessed that they should not fall back into the mean estate of those who never knew or indeed rebelled against the Light.
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